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Dynamical interaction of an elastic system and essentially
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Academic Press
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Mikhlin, Y.V. Dynamical interaction of an elastic system and essentially [Текст] / Mikhlin Y.V., Reshetnikova S.N. // Статті : - Academic Press, 2005.
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The nonlinear two-degrees-of-freedom system under consideration consists of a linear oscillator with a relatively big mass which is an approximation of some continuous elastic system, and an essentially nonlinear oscillator with a relatively small mass which is an absorber of the main linear system vibrations. Free and forced vibrations of the system are investigated.Analysis of nonlinear normal vibration modes shows that a stable localized vibration mode, which provides the vibration regime appropriate for an absorption, exists in a large region of the system parameters.In this regime amplitudes of vibrations of the main elastic system are small; simultaneously vibrations of the absorber are significant.Frequency response of the system under external periodic force is obtained.The dynamical interaction of elastic string under impact impulse and the essentially nonlinear absorber is considered too.Absorption of a longitudinal traveling wave in the system is analyzed.


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