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Models, Methods, and Applications of Dynamics and Control in Engineering Sciences: State of the Art
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Balthazar, J.M. Models, Methods, and Applications of Dynamics and Control in Engineering Sciences: State of the Art [Текст] / Balthazar J.M., Goncalves P.B., Lenci S., Mikhlin Y.V. // Статті : - , 2010.
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The goal of this special issue of Mathematical Problems in Engineering MPE is to present papers, containing complete reviews on modern dynamics models, available in the current literature, classify them, and discuss their applications and limitations. It was assumed to consider papers containing a discussion on appropriate models and control criteria and on various applications on Engineering and Sciences and suggest directions for further works. The critical reviews, a description of open problems, and future developments were hailed. 93 papers were presented for this issue, and 21 of them were accepted. There are 9 review papers and 12 research articles. In particular, there are reviews on the feedback designs for linear descriptors, modeling of ship dynamics, continuous models for discrete media, applications of fractional calculus in engineering, nonlinear fault tolerant control, simulation of a target tracking system with backlash compensation, dynamics of furuta’s pendulum, and identification approaches for discrete event systems. One review is devoted to advances in structural control of civil engineering in China. There are 8 articles which are devoted to investigations in nonlinear dynamics; 8 articles are devoted to the control problems; 4 articles treat numerical approaches and problems of simulation. The majority of accepted articles contains modeling, as well as analytical and/or numerical investigations. The contents of the 9 reviews papers are briefly summarized in the following.

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